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Whoa! 5 months later!

The last time I blogged was about 5 months ago! Mostly because I stopped using this blog and moved to http://www.215poundgirl.tumblr.com/

Well, a lot has changed since I blogged.

I am FINALLY married! We’ve been married for almost 3 months and I really could not be happier! 

My online business selling my hand made items has taken off! And its so exciting! I hope it turns into a full time career! <3 www.etsy.com/shop/leanneskillercrafts

My son is 18 months old TODAY :O He still doesn’t talk, but walks and babbles and says DADDDDDDYYYYY alot! LOL

My life is just AMAZING.

I have no complaints. 

My husband got a job, we’re saving up for him to go to tattoo school! My babes is healthy and my dad is super!

Anyways, life is just amazing!


Once again.

I dont blog here much anymore. Or really, at all. Ha. This blog is full of memories of the old me. Someone I would never want to forget, but someone I dont want to be.

So, Ive moved on over to http://215poundgirl.tumblr.com/ 

I will NEVER delete this blog, but Im no longer using it. Feel free to follow me on my new blog. 

Life has been changing non stop for me in the last two years. With becoming pregnant, moving, having my son, raising him, still trying to lose weight, while maintaining my work on MGF its just insanity. 

Than, throw a family vacation that was awful and than getting married in 4 weeks on top of all that, Im just… EXHAUSTED. 

I’m still trying to plan everything out for my wedding. Im scared shitless about having to stand up in front of 70 people, mostly because of the photos/videos that will be taken and Im just gonna look like a fatty.. 

Ugh. My son is growing up so fast. He’s WALKING now. So at least he will be the ring bearer at the wedding! I’ve lost friends this last year and realized that I have to be my own best friend and do thing for myself. I dont rely on ANYONE except Me and Nic. No matter what, I know he’ll always be there for me.

He can handle me at my absolute worst, so I aim to give him my absolute best. 

I can’t believe after 7 years Nic and I are getting married! Ill be going From Miss Thomas to Mrs Edwards! The funny thing is, Im most excited about having the same last name as my son <3

Most people dont care about that, but I really, really do!

Okay, so now that I’ve written a novel. Im gonna head back on over to MGF and see whats up over there, than go back to reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Okay. Bye guys <3

I dont blog here anymore

Im over at http://215poundgirl.tumblr.com/ now-a-days.

I wont be deleting this account, just because it has a lot of memories. But, Im following WAY to many blogs here :P


Hope everyone follows :)

P.S. for those of you who care, my son is now walking :D

We leave for Disneyland in 10 days and Im excited! Its my first time! And Im so stoked I get to experience this with my son and soon-to-be husband!

P.S.S. Im getting married in 6 weeks! :D

Okay, bye.







New perspective on what mothers usually find “annoying”

This is adorable.



This really changed my perspective on her late night cries or even when I want to complain about how heavy she is to carry… 

Oh little Jellybean, It’s okay. Mommy will work on being more patient.

Ahhhh! Omg I can’t…. My feels :’(

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at this point i don’t even have a personality it’s just 50% internet humor and 50% mental disorders

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